Elvis Presley and the Colgans-A Saga!
Dolores Hart Elvis Presley and Ireland.

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Letter from Dolores Hart

 "As a child I was precocious," she said. "My parents married when they were 16 and 17 and both were beautiful people. Moss Hart offered my mother, Harriett, a contract but by then they had me and my father, Bert Hicks, a bit player, definitely a Clark Gable type, had movie offers so we moved from Chicago to Hollywood. I was a Hollywood brat. We lived in Beverly Hills and I used to visit the lots with him. He had a bit part in 'Forever Amber.' I always wanted to be part of that life." Dolores Hart.

Dolores Hart was pleased to see an article about her and Elvis appear. in "Elvisland" of Hong Kong.

Dolores Hart stories can be found on Google.com
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Dolores starred Elvis, Montgomery Clift, Anthony Quinn, George Peppard, and more.
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Maurice Colgan. Swords, Co Dublin, Ireland

An Extraordinary Story.